Manage Communication Effectively and Efficiently

With aNinja’s communication manager you’ll never miss out on a message or forget to respond with our streamlined communication feed combining text message, email, and call all in one timeline.   


aNinja offers in-app SMS text messaging for an easy, familiar, and friendly way to reach out to clients.  You can now send MMS messages as well, allowing you to deliver photos right to clients’ mobile phones.  This mobile marketing is useful to increase brand recognition, offer exclusive discounts, and more!

Send texts to leads and clients right from your computer or mobile device

Adjustable templates available to save time and ensure consistency

Create custom sequences to nurture and follow up with leads



aNinja’s email integration allows you to be in constant contact with your clients.  Send email marketing blasts to clients or personalized eye-catching messages to individuals. 


Easily integrate aNinja with your current email platform and other applications to maximize responsiveness and productivity

Email Hosting

Instead of moving between your inbox and CRM, aNinja allows you to have an all-in-one view, consolidating all your important information into one platform


With a comprehensive call log and the ability to call leads and clients straight from your computer, aNinja ensures that you can get in contact with customers, or vice versa, fast.  Plus, with unlimited phone numbers your whole team can utilize this feature.  

Call Recording

Using this tool you'll always be able to refer back to your last conversation with leads and clients

Take notes with aNinja while you're on the phone and save them directly to the communication timeline so you'll never lose important information

Advanced features

Keep your business on track to meet your goals with aNinja

Your CRM will always be at your fingertips with the aNinja app available on iOS and Android devices and complete with push notifications. 

Customers will always have 24/7 support when you implement a chatbot to assist with any questions or inquiries.

Target your leads more effectively, keep branding consistent, and most importantly save time with advanced, yet easy to use automation features.


aNinja works with your existing tools and workflow

G Suite

Directly integrated with G Suite so your work can stay in one place


Over 1000+ integrations through Zapier, the easiest way to integrate your workflow with other tools


Build custom integrations or integrate with internal systems

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  • Multi-team support

Engage your teams in aNinja and help them stay organized, focused, and on-track at all times

  • Communication

Keep in-touch with your customers from all angles, and do it efficiently

  • Automations

Setup automatic outreach to communicate with your customers, even when you aren’t there

  • Reporting

See how your team is doing from a metric standpoint, and track all your data in one place

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