Minimize time-consuming manual tasks and reduce human error by automating your communiations with leads and clients.


aNinja’s project management tool allows you to create specialized sequences with building blocks specific to your business.  Customizable workflows help you complete sales or other business processes faster and more efficiently.


Create steps and statuses to follow


Easily view your progress


aNinja offers customizable, eye-catching text, email and note templates. With an easy to use interface you can create unlimited templates to build newsletters, email campaigns, and mass texts in minutes.

Save time

No need to retype or copy and paste messages ever again! All your templates will be saved in aNinja for easy access to use and reuse anytime


Keep branding consistent by maintaining the same imagery and voice across your communications


With the sequences tool, you can set up a nurture campaign consisting of a series of automated emails or texts to be sent at certain times to leads or clients so you don’t forget!  


Utilize the templates you've created to build a sequence that is 100% automated


Choose exactly when you want your next communication to be sent


Triggers aid your marketing strategy and improve customer experience by initiating actions in the workflow.  For example, when a lead fills out a website form or gives their contact information to a chatbot, a trigger will be prompted to send a series of marketing automations

Create triggers for SMS or email communication to best fit your needs and preferences


Leads and clients will get answers or support quickly based on their inquiries


aNinja works with your existing tools and workflow

G Suite

Directly integrated with G Suite so your work can stay in one place


Over 1000+ integrations through Zapier, the easiest way to integrate your workflow with other tools


Build custom integrations or integrate with internal systems

Advanced features

Keep your business on track to meet your goals with aNinja

Your CRM will always be at your fingertips with the aNinja app available on iOS and Android devices and complete with push notifications. 

Customers will always have 24/7 support when you implement a chatbot to assist with any questions or inquiries.

Target your leads more effectively, keep branding consistent, and most importantly save time with advanced, yet easy to use automation features.

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  • Multi-team support

Engage your teams in aNinja and help them stay organized, focused, and on-track at all times

  • Communication

Keep in-touch with your customers from all angles, and do it efficiently

  • Automations

Setup automatic outreach to communicate with your customers, even when you aren’t there

  • Reporting

See how your team is doing from a metric standpoint, and track all your data in one place

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